The Astraea Story

Inspired by Greek Mythology


According to Greek mythology, Astraea – the star-maiden associated with Justice – was the last of the immortals to live among humans on earth.  During the Iron Age, tired of humanity’s unkindness and cruelty, Astraea retreated to the Heavens where she became the constellation recognized as the astrological sign of Virgo.

It is said that Astraea will return to earth one day to help ease the suffering of humankind.  It is in this spirit that Astraea Counselling Services was founded.

In times of suffering, we all benefit from acknowledgement – from seeing and being seen.  Whether you are struggling with long-standing anxiety or depression, suffering from loss (including the loss of a loved one, a relationship or even a job), coping with the aftermath of a traumatic event or an adverse life experience, or simply seeking clarity and support, Astraea Counselling Services offers the compassionate care, proven methodology and adaptive resources you need to feel better and move forward.

Astraea is dedicated to an ethic of compassionate and strengths-based support.  Walking alongside you on your journey, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Paula de Wit, fosters collaborative goal-setting and encourages a deeper awareness of the skills and strengths you already possess.



Compassionate, stengths-based counselling to address a wide range of needs, including anxiety, grief and loss, and relationship challenges.


Evidence-based approaches, including Gottman methodology, to help couples develop tools for honest, clear and compassionate communication.

Seniors & Caregivers

Meaningful support for aging adults, including those managing chronic health challenges and disabilities, and caregivers.

Connect with a Registered Clinical Counsellor




Flexible & By Appointment. Available for in-person & virtual sessions.


Victoria, BC, Canada

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