Individual Counselling

Life can be a struggle.  Counselling can help.

We all face challenges from time to time and when we do, it’s OK to ask for help. Speaking to someone who actively listens and invites you to share what’s most important to you, can help you gain perspective, achieve a sense of relief and learn to cope with issues more effectively.  Being truly heard and engaging in collaborative dialogue is key in reconnecting with and leveraging your inherent strengths so you can clear a pathway for positive change.

YOU MATTER and your mental wellness is important.

When your mental wellness suffers, it can affect your ability to manage problems, adapt to change, and cope with life’s inevitable ups and downs. It can impact how you function at work, at school, and in your relationships.  This diminished capacity can, in turn, lower sense of self- worth and leave you feeling overwhelmed or hopeless.   Individual counselling can equip you with coping skills and strategies that will help you reclaim your self-worth and your hope for a happier, healthier future.  Often, a subtle shift is all that is needed to bring about tangible and lasting positive change.


Healing doesn’t happen in isolation.  Healing happens together.

Astraea strives to create a safe, judgement-free space to share your story and be heard so that you can begin to heal.  Together, one step at a time, we can address the barriers that are holding you back.  Collaborative individual counselling can help you:


  • Cope with grief & loss
  • Process feelings of sadness
  • Develop strategies to manage depression & anxiety
  • Process & overcome impacts from traumatic events
  • Identify your needs & communicate them effectively
  • Navigate significant life transitions (employment, relationships, health, etc.)
  • Gain freedom from patterns or beliefs that hold you back

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

~ James Baldwin, American Novelist, Playwright, Poet & Activist

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Flexible & By Appointment. Available for in-person & virtual sessions.


Victoria, BC, Canada

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